Our Story


I was 13 when I first visited Ghana. I've lived in Australia since I was one, so this was the first time I’d experienced the joy, energy and passion of the country in which I was born. Amongst the beauty and vibrancy, it broke my heart to see people unapologetically discarding their rubbish on the streets. Why? Because Ghana has no public waste disposal system.

Although this is the reality for our urban poor, it was a different story in our rural villages. As I travelled I fell in love with a small, but dying trade – recycled glass jewellery. This trade has now become the hallmark of Created by Culture, with each of our designs made from recycled broken bottles and glass that our artisans physically collect off the streets and coastlines. We also have inner city collection points, where the public can drop off bottles to be recycled.

Created by Culture is creating change, by reviving, modernising and sharing this trade with the world, building a sustainable solution for poor waste disposal.

Thank you for your support, Caroline xx