Our Process


Created by Culture has unwavering focus on social and environmental change. Our process is innovative, purpose-led, and is best described in three stages: COLLECT, CREATE and ELEVATE.


Poor waste disposal is one of Ghana’s biggest challenges. Our artisans dedicate time to cleaning the community, collecting discarded bottles and glass from the streets and coastlines of Ghana. We also have collection points for public recycling, allowing individuals to play a role in creating environmental change. 


We use the waste that we collect resourcefully. Using traditional Ghanaian techniques dating back to the 17th century, we transform the glass by grinding it into powder, and baking each individual bead in moulds. Our Australian necklace and earring designs are then brought to life, putting an international twist on a Ghanaian tradition. 


We’re passionate about empowering the skilled artisans who make each bead possible. We’re proud to be sharing our traditions with the world, and proud to say that our talented artisans are paid in advance and well above market.